Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss, especially in men, is generally dealt with quite flippantly in the media and also sometimes in real life. However, it can be an emotional upheaval and cause a loss in confidence. There are a number of hair loss treatment options available, such as hair transplants. For your emotional wellbeing though, and so you can make the best decision for you, it’s important to come to terms with your hair loss.

Accepting hair loss

Nobody would probably choose to lose their hair but if you are beginning to lose your hair or see it thinning, the process will be much less painful if you learn to cope with it.

Try not to focus on the hair loss. Concentrate on other areas of your life too – your hair is not you. Remind yourself that there are many more important things in life, such as health, your family, love and enjoyment.

Don’t forget either that there are many many balding men who are still considered extremely attractive. Losing your hair does not mean you’ll become undesirable.

Hair loss treatment options

There are a number of treatments on the market for hair loss. The most effective is probably having a hair transplant. During a hair transplant, hair is taken from areas of your head where the hair is still growing and then transplanted to an area where the hair is thinning or has gone bald.

Hair loss transplants are not for everyone, but a good consultant will give you an honest assessment and also explain what your other options are.

Hair transplants nowadays look very natural and the procedure is relatively simple – you shouldn’t need to take time off work to recover. Once hair has been transplanted successfully, it will grow naturally.

Other hair loss treatment options include wigs and hairpieces. Scalp pigmentation is another popular option to disguise hair loss in men. Scalp pigmentation is a type of scalp tattooing process to create the effect of having very closely cropped hair.

Scalp pigmentation can be made to look very natural. There are also a wide range of alternative hair loss treatment options, including:

Minoxidil solution
Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)

If you’re interested in hair loss treatment options, speak to a hair loss consultant who will be able to advise you what the best option is for you. This will depend on:

The level of hair loss you’re experiencing
The reason you are losing hair
What you expectations are
Your budget