Dealing with Hair Loss

Baldness is a condition that we tend to associate with old men however hair loss can strike both men and women of all ages and surprisingly three in ten of all 30 year old men have thinning hair whilst half of all 50 year old men are bald. The condition can be hereditary, it can be a side effect of some medical treatments or can be caused by hormonal changes in the body. Whilst some people come to accept baldness many others find it to be a traumatic experience and suffer from a drop in confidence.

So what can be done? Old fashioned wigs look very unnatural and cosmetic concealers such as coloured sprays and fibres tend to wash off in the rain. Volumising shampoo can only thicken the hair you have left and the array of herbal remedies available have no medical backing behind them so their benefits are questionable. Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in recent years and the results can look impressive however even the most skilled surgeon can only move the limited hormone resistant hair on the sides and back of your head across to your balding areas. This means that patients will never regain a full head of flowing locks.

Two types of approved medication are on the market. Finasteride (trade name Propecia) is a tablet which has to be taken daily and is only suitable for men. Minoxidil (trade name Regaine) can be used by both men and women and is rubbed onto the scalp. Side effects from these medications are rare, they can help to prevent further hair loss and are good for those in the early stages of the condition but have limited success in actually re-growing lost hair.

Despite all the media hype about stem cell researchers discovering a cure for baldness this work is in its very early stages and no new miracle treatment is likely to be available for decades to come.

So given all of these factors I was intrigued by the services being offered by the Advanced Hair Studio and by the line-up of celebrities who are happy to publicly endorse them. The company was founded by Australian born Carl Howell in Florida in 1973 and within three years he had 35 branches in the USA. The expansion process continued into Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, the Middle East and South Africa with 75 studios now in operation. To date the Advanced Hair Studio have given advice and treatment to over 300,000 men and women earning the company a Commendation in the 2008 Governor of Victoria Export Awards. Carl has also established the Advanced Hair Studio Foundation which supports a range of good causes such as giving young cancer patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne free hair. He puts his success down to offering outstanding customer service and due to using breakthrough technology.

The Advanced Hair Studio offers Advanced Laser Therapy to treat those in the early stages of hair loss, low level lasers are used to help stimulate new growth and this has worked successfully for rugby player Austin Healey and cricketer Shane Warne. The other main treatment is the ‘Strand-by-Strand’ hair fusion procedure which is suitable for those with more advanced hair loss, this involves new hair which is colour matched with your own being integrated into your balding areas. The new hair looks totally natural and will be gradually added over time. This patented procedure is low maintenance, you can continue to do all of your usual activities such as swimming and playing sport and you avoid the need for painful surgery. The Advanced Hair Studio become your hairdresser and instead of going to your usual salon you go into their clinic once a month to have your hair cut, serviced and styled. This treatment has been adopted by cricketers such as Michael Vaughan, Graham Gooch and Greg Matthews and has also helped the actor Norman Yemm who played Norm Baker in The Sullivans.

If you are suffering from hair loss you should begin by consulting your doctor in case it’s being caused by an underlying medical condition. The second step is to educate yourself about all of the treatments available before deciding which option is the right one for you.

For further information about hair loss visit the Patient UK website at Information about hair transplant surgery can be found on the website of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons Information about Propecia can be located at and the Minoxidil website is at You can find further details about the services offered by the Advanced Hair Studio and can book a free hair check and consultation by heading to

PHOTO: Like billions of others the Australian golfer Jimmy Faint is a victim of hair loss. Photo by Doug Moody.