Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Hair fall is not a new thing in human society, but recently it has become too common in women. With an understanding that beautiful hair is an essence of the beauty of women, this extract is all about how to treat hair loss naturally – especially herbal remedies. The Ayurvedic oils that are meant for scalp massaging typically contain some hair friendly ingredients.

Rub an onion slice on the affected area of your scalp. Stay at it until some redness occurs. Next rub in some honey. Adherents to this method say it will help boost circulation in your scalp and may facilitate hair growth.

Soak fenugreek in deep pot of water throughout the night. Massage the liquid into the scalp and wrap with a cloth for three hours. Repeat everyday for one month.

Using apple cider vinegar and sage tea is also another method of treating hair loss. Make a mixture of sage tea and apple cider vinegar and wash your hair with it. You can also make another shampoo with aloe vera, coconut milk and a little wheat germ oil. Rinsing your hair with this mixture is also a good method of treating hair loss.

Coconut oil is also useful as a home remedy for hair loss. In half cup of coconut oil add some dry pieces of Indian goosebery (amla). Boil the mixture for some time and then let it cool for some time. Apply it to the scalp. This is very useful in preventing hair loss.

Lemongrass – This herb helps stabilizing oil product in the scalp. It also provides nourishment to the hair. You can use oil of lemongrass for massage as well.

Indian gooseberry (amla) is very regularly used by Indians to treat hair loss problem. It is a wonderful hair tonic. It is used in oil as well as shampoo and conditioners. If you can lay your hands on Indian gooseberry, extract its juice and mix it in same quantities with lime juice. Use this mixture to wash your hair. Massage and Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils such as Bay, Cedar wood, Grapefruit, Jojoba, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary or Roman Chamomile to detoxify the scalp and to help in the reversal of hair loss. Most of these oils work the best when mixed together with other oils. To increase the blood circulation, a regular massage must be done with the essential oils. The oils strengthen the hair follicles and regenerate the hair growth. But, take care to avoid a rough pulling or brushing of the hair, as it can cause serious damage to the hair.