How To Prevent Hair Loss

What is your initial reaction when you see a man with pattern baldness? Most of the time, baldness is associated with aging so chances are you will think that the man is already old. What about if you see a woman who has baldness in some areas? You will probably think that the woman is sick of something. Other people would probably even think that the woman is undergoing chemotherapy to cure cancer.

Actually, you can put an end to your problems with balding hair today by just taking the proper vitamins and by using some natural hair loss prevention techniques. You will find tips and information below about how to deal as well as how to prevent hair loss before it begin to ruin or complicate your way of life.

Using quality conditioners and shampoos is important as well. You want to use a shampoo that will clean your hair without being too harsh on it. Conditioners should provide deep conditioning to your hair without making it greasy. Although you may spend a bit more on great shampoos and conditioners, it will be well worth going with quality products if it helps you to avoid hair loss.

Some people even go as far as to use plain soap when they wash their hair. This is especially bad as the soap will dry out your hair at an even faster rate than over using shampoo. Regular soap is designed to dry out the skin, if you use it on your hair you will only serve to make pre-existing problems even worse. Think of it as adding too much flour to cookie mix.

Hair styling products should also be used with utmost care. Most of these gels and waxes build dandruff in the hair, which promotes hair loss. Once flakes left by these products build up on the scalp, then the tendency is that the person will scratch it, damaging the hair follicles that protect the hair from irritation.

Keep in mind that the daily amount of iodine mustn’t be taken from iodized salt, but from natural sources like yogurt, milk, boiled eggs and strawberries. Although an overdose of zinc can inhibit the absorption of other important minerals, it is essential for hair growth. In order to consume enough zinc, it’s recommended to eat peas, liver, beef, turkey and almonds.

If you want to prevent hair loss make sure you take your vitamins. Calcium has also been shown to help strengthen hair follicles…a stronger follicle means less hair loss. Not only is calcium important to all of our daily diets, it’s important to our hair as well.

Stress can also contribute to hair loss. To prevent hair loss caused by stress, try to relax a little. You can always go to the spa or get into aromatherapy. This will help you relax and also encourage your hair follicles to grow new hair.

Massage the scalp for 10 – 15 minutes just before taking a bath. Massaging will stimulate the blood to circulate better, bringing more vitamins to the hair follicles and encouraging hair growth.

Acupuncture and aromatherapy are two more natural balding prevention techniques that are thought of as being beneficial in relieving an individual from tension. If tension is eliminated, the is a good chance that hair loss will cease and new hair growth will begin.

In the category of how to prevent hair loss is that of chemicals. Many of us do colour our hair. Those of us who do it at home are at a greater risk. A professional stylist is trained not to use chemicals that are too strong. But at home we just may leave on the chemicals for too long. If this is done time and again obviously it’s going to affect our hair in some way.