Some Hair Loss Treatments

There are many treatments out there for you to purchase, to help stop hair loss and re-grow it. Many are frauds and do not even come close to stopping hair loss. In fact, they do not even re-grow hair. All that they have accomplished is removing money from your wallet. But there are some proven treatments that have stopped it and even re-grown hair.

There are two Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved hair re-growth medications. One is an approved treatment for men only. Another is approved for use by both men and women, dealing with hair issues.

Propecia – Is the authorized treatment for men with male pattern baldness (MPB). Men who had enlarged prostate first used it. While using this product, some men noticed that while using Propecia, they grew hair. In the 1990s it was approved to be used as a hair loss remedy. Women should not use this, or even handle the product, because it has been related to birth defects.

Minoxidil – Is also approved for use to control MPB and for the first time, to be used in female pattern baldness (FPB). It was initially used by people with high blood pressure. While using this, the patients noted that they started growing hair. When converted to liquid form and applied to a bald spot, it was found that hair would re-grow. It was eventually approved by the FDA for use by both men and women. Minoxidil is different from Propecia, in that it is applied externally to the scalp. Propecia is taken orally in pill form.

Both of these medications can be obtained over the counter. But, if women want to use Minoxidil, they are only approved to use the 2% strength. Men are approved to use 5% strength. It works well for women at the 2% strength, but if they want to use it in 5% strength, they should use it when under a doctor’s care.

If you are using one of these two products, look at boosting your hair growth, by taking the herbal supplement Saw Palmetto. This herb has been studied in Europe and used both as a means to control an enlarged prostate and to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. This is also available over the counter.

So if you are suffering from MPB or if you are a women and have FPB, you should look at using these proven hair loss remedies.