Stop Hair Loss Immediately

Hormone dihydrotestosterone is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. However, medical science still does not have any concrete explanation as to how this hormone affects the hair of men. The researchers have only come to the conclusion that dihydrotestosterone leads to a condition known as follicular miniaturization. And that this condition is somewhat responsible for the thinning of our hair. But on the other hand, heredity is a strong reason for hair loss in men. And it is an established truth.

Are you experiencing severe hair loss? If your answer is yes, then you should immediately follow the guidelines mentioned below:

First of all, you should consume loads of protein to stop hair loss. A good protein diet will ensure healthy hair in your body. This is because our hair shaft is made out of keratin, and this is a type of protein. Therefore, the formula is pretty simple – increase the intake of protein in your diet chart. Include fish, egg whites, and milk for at least once in your meals. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the importance of vitamins and minerals in your diet at any cost. A combination of vitamin B and C, taken along with biotin, will definitely make your hair follicles healthier. On the other hand, minerals such as potassium will make your hair shafts stronger.

Secondly, you should not let yourself get stressed. Anxiety and worry is not at all healthy for your body. It is not at all good for the health of your hair. Therefore, you should keep your work related worries at the office. Always try to keep your mind in a relaxed state. A session of yoga and meditation will definitely help you to achieve that state of mind. Your time spent on these age old practices will surely reflect on the health of your hair.

Next, to stop hair loss, you must lead a disciplined lifestyle. Remember, drinking alcohol and smoking is never good for your hair follicles. Too much intake of caffeine and carbonated sodas is also not good for your hair health. Moreover, disturbances in your sleep pattern and insomnia are very damaging to the immune system, and they eventually make your hair shafts weaker. So, try to correct these disorders and make a habit to go early in the bed. Try not to work late at nights; it will help to strengthen the immune system and also improve your hair growth at the same time.

You must also not underestimate the importance of exercising. Regular exercise for about forty minutes a day, will keep your mind and body healthy. Moreover, exercising will also help you to keep the stress levels under control. And this is always good for your hair health in the long run. You would be surprised to know that sweat plays an important role as far as the health of your hair is concerned. While too much sweat is not good for your hair follicles; drops of sweat on the other hand can unclog the hair pores.