The Biotin Hair Loss Formula

If you have hair loss then you have probably tried many things to help prevent this. If you have tried everything and nothing has worked then try biotin hair loss formula. Biotin is a part of vitamin B. It is a B complex vitamin and important for your body. Biotin is actually what your hair and nails are made of. It is not a vitamin that is made in the body but it comes from foods. You need to eat the right foods to be able to get the right amount of biotin unless you take a supplement.

Biotin is found in egg yolks, nuts, brown rice, soybeans and green peas. There are also many shampoos that contain biotin. You can also get biotin through a pill or even through and injection. Because biotin binds easily with proteins, high protein should be avoided while taking biotin. If you want your body to absorb biotin more effectively then try to cut down on protein and take more biotin when you do eat protein.

Some people are found that really cannot absorb biotin at all. These people are often type A blood. It is not know why this is. If you are type A blood you should only take 5 to 8 grams each day. There are no side effects from biotin so you can use as much as you need.

The amount of biotin that a person should take per day will be dependent on their age, weight, height and caloric needs. Adults obviously should take more than adolescents and teenagers.

If you are concerned with how much you should take then contact your doctor to find what amount would be beneficial to you. Your doctor can even prescribe an injection for you so your body will absorb it quicker and easier. This is a great way to more biotin. It is really up to your doctor, though.

If you’d rather use biotin shampoo or a topical treatment then you may be picking the best choice. Many people believe that these treatments work the best. Biotin is thick and hard for the skin to absorb. This is why you should also take oral treatments along with biotin shampoo or topical treatment. A supplement may help your body absorb more biotin and do more for your hair.

If your nails break very easy or you are prone to acne or unhealthy skin then you may have biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency can cause a lot of problems with your hair, skin and nails. This is why you need to contact your doctor to get some advice. You doctor can recommend the best way to get more biotin.

So if you are experiencing hair loss then you should try biotin as a form of treatment. Whether you apply it on your head, ingest it as a pill or rub it on you will start seeing results from it in no time. It is worth a try. Your hair is worth it and so are you.