You Can Stop Hair Loss

You will experience excess hair loss at some point in your life. When this happens you may become terrified at losing your good hair. So before this happens you can take some precautions to prevent hair loss so that your hair does not fall out rapidly. It is common to lose between up to 100 hair strands everyday, but beyond that it is not. Hair loss can occur at any age for men, women, or children.

When you have rapid hair loss, then you know that something has changed in your chemical make up. You may have developed a disease, have excess stress, or have a diet that lacks the proper nutrients for good health. But in instances when you seem to lose more hair than necessary, then it time to determine why this has happened. To prevent hair loss to continue, you many have to go to the doctor or have some blood tests to determine your chemical make up.

One of the main reasons that I have seen people lose hair rapidly is because of stress. Stress is really a number one killer creating many diseases that become terminal. But what stress does is to use up a lot of minerals and vitamins that the body needs for good health.

The first place minerals and vitamins are taken is from the hair. Stress uses up nutrients so that none go to nourish your hair. The result is your hair loses strength and starts to fall out.

So if you have a stressful job or are having a lot of personal problems, then start doing the following so that you maintain some level of health and so that you can prevent hair loss.

1. Take a good supplement of the B vitamins like B100. Use the B’s that are balanced. Take them during or after your meal. Taking them with no food in your stomach can give you a stomach ache or make you feel nausea. Stress uses up a lot of B vitamins

2. Use a mineral supplement to feed your hair with minerals. Minerals are used by your hair for strength and health. Use minerals that are chelated, which means they are tied to an amino acid, which allow minerals to be better absorbed through your intestines.

3. Use a natural shampoo which is free of various chemical. These un-natural chemical weaken your hair roots and also get into your blood and weaken your immune system. A weak immune system reduces your overall health causes body weakness. This affects your hair and makes it more susceptible to hair falling.

Once you lose your hair or lose a lot of hair, it difficult to get it back unless you take action right away. Waiting for months before you take action can lessen the chances of you recovering your hair. Take measures to prevent hair loss and your will be rewarded with plenty of hair.

For women that experience excess hair loss, here are a few tips:

1. Go easy on brushing your hair. Pulling on your weak hair will cause more hair loss. Waiting until you hair gets strong before you brush more vigorously.

2. Use oils such as jojoba oil to help clean out your pores or massage aloe vera gel into your scalp to strengthen and clean out your hair roots.

3. Drink 3-4 glasses of water to remove toxins that build up in your hair roots. Avoid those drinks that have sugar. Sugar uses up minerals that are needed by your hair for growth. You can drink juices but try to drink fresh juices that have pulp to minimize the effects of the juice sugar.

There you have tips for both men and women to prevent hair loss. Regardless of what is causing your hair loss these tips will help you minimize the loss. Stress and illness use up a lot minerals and vitamins and your hair will suffer when you have these conditions. So it is up to you to replace these nutrients to prevent hair loss.